Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: Polar Plunge and Doodles Everywhere!!!

A lot of times, especially in the winter, all weekends feel the same. You drive the kids to activities, you go home, my wife shames me for wanting to take a nap, repeat.  This weekend started differently then the past few weekends.  

Friday I went to Olivia's school for her half birthday.  Yes, half birthdays are now a thing and since Friday was Olivia's, I sat with her at the birthday table. 

Saturday was also very different because after going to my son's soccer practice I ended up hosting Polar Plunge on White Best Lake. I should revise that statement and say I co-hosted Polar Plunge because my usually shy 7-year-old, Isaac took the mic and helped count people down. 

 A highlight was the guys from White Bear Mitsubishi along with the polar bear mascot who came to plunge and just like the viral video on the ice at the University of Minnesota from a few years ago they delivered once again at Special Olympics Polar Plunge. 

Next two pics are from the coolest event I've attended in a while, a doodle meet up in Eden Prairie.  It was at an indoor dog daycare and for 90 minutes my two doodles along with at least 100 look-a-likes ran inside and outside.  Falen brought her doodle, Dolly and we ended up having a blast. 

After the dog meet up, we had made plans to head over to Falen's for a little Sunday Funday.  Here I am with the crew and yes, our friend, Sven.  Love my "Fam".  

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