Lasagna Gender Reveal Parties Are Our New Favorite Type of Party

Finding out the sex of your unborn baby is not a private moment like it used to be. Doctors used to share what they saw on a sonogram and mom and dad were told it would be a boy or girl. But the social media era, gender-reveal celebrations are a big deal.

Parents-to-be use smoke bombs, filled doughnuts, confetti cannons, and anything else they can think of in pink or blue to let everyone know which one they’re expecting. And now they’re even using lasagnas to do it. Villa Italian Kitchen has just launched what they claim is the world’s first Gender Reveal Lasagna.

For $140, you can get one of the layered cheesy casseroles made with food-colored cheese to give away the big news. The New Jersey eatery says these creations are made-to-order with a secret pink or blue interior and feed 12, if anyone dares to eat the pastel lasagna after they ooh and aah over the color.

NY Post 

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