SJP Teases the Return of Carrie Bradshaw from 'Sex in the City'

Fans of “Sex and the City” may have given up hope of seeing a third movie about their favorite ladies, but Carrie Bradshaw has just returned to the small screen. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker just teased the return of her iconic character on Instagram, as only Carrie can.

Sarah Jessica Parker shared the video clip over the weekend, which shows her in classic Carrie fashion - a pair of white lace heels, gloves, seafoam tulle skirt, and beaded purple bag in hand. SJP is once again seen walking the streets of New York City as the “Sex and the City” theme music plays in the background. In the caption, Parker confirms that Carrie is making a comeback for an important reason.

The only clue as to what the comeback all about comes at the end of the short video when the hashtag #pour it forward appears on the screen. But SJP did respond to one fan’s post with a bit more information. She comments, “Carrie is back in support of an urgent need and a great nonprofit. I was so tickled to be asked to help.” 

Glamour Magazine

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