This is the #1 Cause For Divorce (It's Not Cheating or Finances)

As busy as we all are these days, it can be tough to keep the house clean, but it could have a bigger impact than we realize. According to a recent survey of newly divorced people, 30% of them give “disagreements about housework” as the biggest reason for their split. And a Pew Research Center study finds that more than half of all married respondents (56%) say sharing household chores is “very important” to a happy marriage.

Tidying up might not seem like a top priority, but eventually living in a cluttered space takes a toll and can make us feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and guilty. And if you’ve watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, you already know that decluttering and organizing can be really good for your relationship. Once you clear through everything and make it manageable to organize and clean up, it takes a lot less time to deal with the stuff and that gives you more time to enjoy your partner and your life. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

“When both partners in a relationship are on board with this philosophy, it certainly allows for more time and money to spend on shared experiences and quality time to talk and relate to one another,” explains psychologist Ryan Howes. “If you have four shirts to clean instead of two dozen, that means more time to spend with your partner.”

Of course, not everyone will be into decluttering, but even if you don’t go KonMari crazy, that “tidy house equals a happy spouse” idea is something to keep in mind next time we’re shopping for something we don’t really need.

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