What Everyone on KDWB Looked Like 10 Years Ago

I remember that bowl of cereal like it was yesterday. Fifteen year old me was so stoked to be eating it. 

What's up? I'm Colt. I'm on KDWB - 6p-12a Monday - Friday!

Anyways. Ten years ago I was enjoying a bowl of what I think is fruit loops? maybe? idk. Here's what i'm looking like today... graduated, multiple jobs, and one wedding after:

Here's my bro, Zach Dillon. Always a gentleman! ten years ago - and now...

All smiles for that dude.

Moving on. 

Falen! Probs the most outgoing person on KDWB. Here she is ten years ago doing???? Idk what she's doing exactly lol


and now:



Steve. Always makes meetings ten times more funny. 

Here he is in all his glory ten years ago:


Life of the party! Also Coors light, you owe this man money for the plug.

Let's move on to Tina - always making sarcastic comments that everyone is thinking.

here she is:

Look at that swag, kids. 

Jenny! Always has a story that ends up making said meetings interesting. Oh wait. That's right. 

I couldn't find a photo of Jenny from ten years ago. But. Here she is now. (sorry I spent legit 20 mins creeping to find one).

Nooooow the man the myth the legend. Dave Ryan. 

Such a great leader and mentor. 

Here he is, straight chillin, ten years ago:

Annnnnd now:


Me and my sister acting more awesome than we actually are...

Thanks for looking!!!

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