13 Bad Money Habits That Can Leave You Broke

I was lucky. I grew up without a lot of money so when I finally started making enough to live on, I was really good with money and always had enough to make it to the next paycheck, and then some.

It's funny that some people are just bad with money. I know a few people that have what's really a bad relationship with money. It always seems to escape or leave them, so when they do get some money, they have an urge to spend it before it goes away. I know that doesn't seem to make sense but that's what happens every time.

Here are 13 easy tips to keep a little more of your own money.

Curb your app addiction. They're only a buck or two, but they add up.

Skip going to lunch. Make your own and save some money.

Unsubscribe to all the services you don't use. I know I have Hulu and I never watch it but I get that 9.99 on my credit card statement every month.

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