My Top 3 Choices on Colton's Season of The Bachelor

I'll admit, I'm not that excited about this season of The Bachelor because I wanted it to be Blake or Jason, but I will still get together with girlfriends, drink wine, eat snacks and watch each week.  

After last night's premiere, these are the three girls I think will be front-runners:

1. Hannah G. : They both connected about their nerves and their innocent demeanors.  She got the first impression rose which usually results in being the winner or at least in the top 3. 

2. Caelynn: I didn't necessarily like that she came out of the limo wearing her Miss North Carolina sash because it felt like she was trying to win him over based on that, but when she turned it around to say Mrs. Underwood, I thought that was witty and you can't deny the chemistry between the two of them.  Not to mention Colton fully leaned in for the kiss, she barely met him a quarter of the way. 

3. Katie:  Also kissed by Colton, but they had a good conversation and the smile that reached wide across her face makes me feel like they will definitely be on this 'journey' for more than a couple of weeks. 

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