Here Are My Favorite Moments From The Golden Globes!

The Golden Globes were last night & now I'm going to share my opinions about them.

You are welcome.

I love awards season, it's my favorite season. I've always loved movies & geek out pretty hard during this time of the year. A lot of times I have to watch the shows alone (especially The Oscars) because I get too into it.

So here are my favorite moments of this year's Golden Globes.

Andy Samberg & Sandra Oh's monologue -

I was interested to see how this paring would work out as co-hosts, but I was pleasantly surprised! Maybe not the funniest due of all time (shout out Tina & Amy), but I loved how they flipped the traditional monologue on it's head. I literally said out loud "please no politics" right before the show started. We all know what's going on, but for a lot of people award shows are a fun break from reality where we get to sit back & relax. I think Andy & Sandra handled that well. They chose the uber sarcastic, overly nice & unoffensive route. I personally loved it. 

I also loved their intros of the presenters. Good bit. 

Richard Madden Win -

One of the first awards of the night went to my love, Richard Madden. Most recognizable from his stint as Rob Stark in Game of Throne. Madden won for his role in The Bodyguard, which is INSANELY good!! It's on Netflix - go watch now.

Also - look at his face. LOOK AT IT.

Most Emotional Moment -

The presentation of the first Carol Burnett Award by Steve Carell.

Good God I was a mess. I grew up watching The Carol Burnett Show and I don't think this could have gone to a better or more deserving person. Watching Steve present the award was almost more emotional than her speech, which was also flawless & something I will go back and watch on YouTube a million times over.

Rami Malek Win -

Big Rami fan. Huge. I know a lot of people had issues with Bohemian Rhapsody & it's accuracy/inaccuracy, but regardless, Rami was excellent in it. He's flow a little under the radar for awhile now & I couldn't be happier for his win.

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