'A Killer Hand" The Killing of Charlene and Earnest Scherer

Charlene and Ernest Scherer were a complicated couple. Empty nesters living in California outside of San Francisco were known for being strict, maybe even difficult to deal with. Charlene an accomplished accountant and Earnest, a successful man who had built a fortune in real estate. This wealth allowed them to travel the world, even allowing them to pay for their family to travel with them. They had planned to go to Hawaii that weekend but this is a trip that never occurred.  

One of the items discovered at the crime scene, a bloody footprint, size 12 that was incredibly suspicious. 

Charlene and Earnest's son, Ernie III was a good looking guy who went from wealthy to strapped for cash as a professional poker player.

Read about Ernie's bizarre behavior in the weeks in and around the murder. 

A former friend talks about Ernie living a double life. 

Ernie III is found guilty. 

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