Carson's Netflix Movie Recommendations

My son Carson and his dopey buddies love watching Netflix. A few months ago he said, "Dad, you have to watch '13 Cameras' cuz you'll love it.  And we did!

He also told me to watch "Room" and "The Boy" which were also good. 

I mentioned a few of these on the radio and people liked his recommendations so I asked him to write up a list of all the movies on Netflix that he could think of. BTW, they're all pretty much from the same genre:  Creepy and suspenseful and low-budget. But they're on Netflix so you don't have to pay for them.(Well,you already did, but you know what I mean!)

So here's his master list! Let me know if you watch any and if you enjoyed them!

"The Ritual"  They can’t agree on who is to blame but they do see eye to eye on this: They shouldn’t have come out here in the first place

"Hush" She lives in isolation, a world of silence. It doesn’t mean she’s easy prey. One intruder finds that out the hard way.

"Cam" Her online life has been stolen. Her real life is unraveling. There’s only one way out: beat the impersonator at her own game.

"13 Cameras" Young parents-to-be Claire and Ryan move into a suburban home suburban rental home, unaware that someone is secretly watching their every move via hidden cameras.

"14 Cameras" New rule: If the summer rental seems too cheap, you’ll be watched and live streamed  to the dark web by a voyeur creep.

"47 Meters Down" Their vacation together in Mexico is a dream trip come true. Neither of them imagines the nightmare it will become. 

The Boy" She may have plenty of experience with children but she’s never encountered anything like this before.

"The Tortured" After their young son is abducted and murdered by a psychopath, a well-heeled couple kidnaps the killer and tortures him.

"Caliber" A shocking deed turn their weekend trip into a nightmare. Now they’re only hope is to swallow their paranoia and act normal.

"The Vault" They planned the robbery well. They thought they were ready for anything. But they didn’t count on a haunted bank vault.

"The Conjuring" A family is at the mercy of a heinously evil presence. And the paranormal investigators better be as good as advertised.

"Circle" You’re in a torture chamber with 50 people. Victims are dropping like flies. But you can save one. Who will it be?

"You Get Me" Some people can accept rejection and move on with their lives. This teenage girl isn’t one of them.

"Enemy" His life is boring and routine. Until he discovers and stalks his identical double. Which one's life  is more worth living?

"Would You Rather" Desperate people tricked into playing a diabolical game must make a choice – the horrible versus the unthinkable.

"The Invitation" A get-together with his ex and her new husband? Accepting is the polite thing to do. But maybe not the most prudent.

"Room" Kidnapped, confined to a tiny room and raped, a young woman gives birth to a son. When he reaches his fifth birthday, she begins plotting an escape.

"Killing Ground" It was supposed to be a romantic escape from the city. They never imagined it would become a fight for survival

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