Falen Invited Me to Her Party & Here's Why I Regret Going

Sooo... The past two weeks have been crazy. If you want to see my Christmas Blog, check it out!

I'll spare you the boring details of my lazy weekend and skip to the epic NYE party that was Falen's get-together.

It all started Monday morning. We did our grocery shopping, hit the gym & then I had to run to work for a minute. After work, I shot over to Web Girl Tina's for her pregame. A ton of people showed up! Even the wonderful human being I replaced at KDWB, Raven. She's super fun and I'm sorry you lost her and got me in return lmao. god. Sucks to be you. 


Tina's party was quite fun. Jenn (my wife) and I had a few drinks, ordered a not so expensive Uber & headed for Seven steak + Sushi downtown Minneapolis.

From the moment we walked in, to the moment we left, Falen's people pampered us like no other. I wasn't aware we had VIP tickets. We had our own booth, bottle service, complimentary champagne, food on food on food, even a buffet! 

This is why NYE was the worst. I stole so much fun from the next day. Meaning. I was more hungover than 2012 Charlie Sheen. I was the opposite of winning. I felt worse than the day after I turned 21. Like i don't think my wife and I have been this hungover in forever. 

I honestly still don't feel 100% lol. That's the only reason why I wish I could go back and time and not be at that party. It was too incredible. Props to Falen. 

Here's all the photos I could find from the party.. btw this would be a lot easier if you just found my Instagram and followed haha:

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