Steve-O's Christmas Vacation in 15 Pictures

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Years!  

Our Christmas vacation was a bit different then most peoples vacations because all of our family lives over a 1,000 miles away so for the week it's just the four of us (seven if you count the pets).  Here we are before Christmas Eve service.  Christmas was great, the kids were spoiled but they weren't spoiled too bad. The big gift for Kristy which she loves was a Polaroid camera and for me, a Google Home Hub which so far I really like. We spent all of Christmas in our pj's after Isaac woke us up wanting to get started at 4:15am. 

Sunken Egypt at the MIA

After spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day mostly at the house we HAD to get out so we went to see Sunken Egypt at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. This was an exhibit I wanted to see but Isaac and Olivia really wanted to see it too and it was really cool.  It's crazy to see stuff that and hear the story of artifacts that are more then 2,500 years old.  It's worth a visit to see in person. Check my Insta for more pics

The One Thing Kristy Wanted But Didn't Get

For real. She has always wanted a giant Teddy Bear so she spent $35 to get one from Cub.  

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

We threw an Ugly Christmas Sweater/White Elephant present party a few days after Christmas, the house was packed but it ended up being a great time. Here's a photo of the parents and at this point the kids were either playing with the Barbie house upstairs or making meth in the basement. 

If you can't tell from the picture above I, OF COURSE, had my eyes closed during the group picture. 

Challenge Accepted: #StevePunk

This picture is in here because our friend Andee was at the MN State Fair over the summer and saw this really cool Steampunk Lamp.  Kristy told her, "Steve can make that", she responded by saying, no he can't. 

Me:  Challenge accepted.  

What she saw is on the left and what I made is on the right.  


An old restaurant that's new to me that I really liked and if you're willing to make the drive do it.  River Inn Bar and Grill in Hanover has been around since 1894 has really good food, I liked the decor but waiting to be seated for dinner was my favorite part because the fire pits they have outside and just the vibe was just awesome.  

New Years Eve

We celebrated 2019 with the kids earlier in the evening before heading downtown to hand with Falen at Seven downtown. A great party with a lot people watching and a really cool photo booth.  Kristy looked AMAZING and FYI, if you need a reminder,, SHE'S TAKEN!!!!  

First 5K of the Year

On the first day of 2019 I woke up after definitely not getting enough sleep, headed to Chanhassen and ran the first 5K of the year.  I've done the Life Time Commitment Day six out of the last seven years and the temp at race time was 2 degrees so yes, it was a bit cool but a great way to start the year. 

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