Tina's KDWB Jingle Ball Pictures!

Happy Jingle Ball!!

Last night was my SIXTH Jingle Ball (don't know how that's possible) and I pinch myself every year that this is my job.

Obviously JB is about the artists!! Bazzi killed it!

Dis was my fit. 

I was v sparkly and people I work with didn't recognize me at first because I was not in a sweatshirt, leggings & sneakers. #nailedit

These are my lady friends. We do a podcast together, it's called Too Lame For Radio and you can listen to it HERE!

Again, my shirt was v sparkly as you can tell by my face.

I got to meet a bunch of you!!! I am a super awkward human, but you guys always make my night! If we took a picture together tag me so I can see!

They let me go on stage this year.

We got to introduce The Chainsmokers - shout out to Alex from The Chainsmokers who gave us an epic pep talk before our intro.

I LOVE this song with Kelsea Ballerini!!! It was so epic she came out to perform it with them!

I went backstage to meet Halsey - who is the GOAT.

She talked to EVERYONE in line, made them all feel super special, gave a little girl a birthday gift, and was an overall epic human.

In these photos below we are discussing wardrobe and the fact that all our nails were a similar silver sparkle situation. We even did the cheesy thing where you put your peace fingers out to make a star (that we all did with our friends when we got our nails done growing up). Also Halsey told me I should be a makeup artist, so goodbye radio. 

She also performed her hot banger Without Me live for the FIRST TIME EVER at KDWB Jingle Ball. 

We are not worthy.

This was probably my FAVORITE Jingle Ball I've ever been lucky enough to be a part of. 

Is it too soon to start counting down to next year???

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