Cute or Creepy? A Makeup Line For Kids As Young As Four

Some little kids can’t wait to get their hands in mom’s makeup bag to start experimenting and now there’s a makeup line created with them in mind. Petite 'N Pretty is an Instagram-launched makeup brand that markets to the Gen Z crowd, so it’s made for kids four to 18. The brand calls them “young creatives,” like the kind of kids who have their own YouTube channels and lots of Instagram followers.

But just because Petite ‘N Pretty is geared to the kiddos doesn’t mean it’s cheap, toy makeup. These products are cruelty-free, nut-free, and paraben- and phthalate [[thay-late]]-free. The prices are mostly in the teens for a single product and their most expensive item is an “influencer box set” for $250.

The brand’s tagline is “sparkle outside the lines” and the mission statement wants to “empower kids with top-shelf, age-appropriate, and pediatrician-approved products made for small features, big imaginations.” And that’s great, but the brand is still called Petite ‘N Pretty, so that message is still clear and being driven home to little ones as young as four.


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