Dave's Thanksgiving/Colorado Vacation in Lotsa Photos

Well hello! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, I hope you got to spend time with people you like to spend time with, and I hope you got some time off!

We drove to Colorado to meet family out there and we had a great week! Here is the photo evidence!

Josie loves car rides and she's super-good at positioning herself just where she wants to be.

We went to a magic show in Denver and we had a great time. You know I love magic, right? After every trick, Carson would lean over to me and ask, "How'd they do that?" LOL! Most of the time I didn't have any idea!

My son Chase works in Colorado Springs so we got to meet up with him and hit the arcade.

Steve and Falen got me this squirrel feeder so I hung it up in Colorado.  The squirrels are supposed to grab for the corn and then get spun off, but those roly-poly little effers quickly figured out a way to eat all the corn off in about an hour.

My daughter Allison made little turkeys out of Rolos and candy corn.

Before Thanksgiving I'd told Falen that I wasn't crazy about sweet potatoes, so she gave me her grandma's recipe. It's 90% butter and sugar and everyone loved it! You'll have to ask Falen for the recipe!

And dinner is served! Clockwise that's me, Susan, Chase's girlfriend Maddie, (Chase had to work) Carson, Allison's husband Justin, Allison, Beth's husband Marcus, Beth, and her kids Kelsea and Liam. And yes we used paper plates so I wouldn't have to wash as many dishes.

Friday we went boarding at Breckenridge! That's me, Marcus, Justin and Carson.

We always play Settlers of Catan and it was even more memorable because the power went out for an hour.  Carson won BTW.

This is my daughter, Beth. Last year, we were playing Settlers and she won a card from someone else in the game and she said "Pass it over bitch", which made me laugh so I had this shirt made for her.

We got some snow on Saturday so the kids went out sledding. The hill behind them is the only decent hill on the property, and it's the hill I used to sled on when I was a kid.

And yes, we are all wearing matching Thanksgiving shirts!

Thanks for looking at my blog! Have a great week!


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