Want to Sleep Better? Stop Eating These Foods

Sleep deprivation is almost worse than a really bad hangover. Seriously.The less you can keep your eyes open at your desk, the more the day crawls by. So if you really want to get your sleep schedule on track, here are the things you should probably cut out of your diet – for now or for good:

  • Caffeine – I mean, duh. Whether it’s late at night or first thing in the morning, caffeine has gotta be the first to go.
  • Red meat – They take longer to digest and keep you awake longer.
  • Alcohol – Disappointing but true. It may put you to sleep, but it’ll also wake you up a few hours later.
  • Spicy foods – Certain components of spicy foods can make your mind unsettled.
  • Sugar – Step away from the late night chocolate bar! It’ll only keep you tossing and turning.


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