Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Beer, MOA and A Fresh Cut

What Do All Kids Hate?

For our family, it was another busy weekend of driving across town. We actually know that things run smoother for us when we're running around and Saturday we did exactly that. First, let's talk about Friday. Isaac's done speech class for a while and he finally graduated so his teacher wanted to give him a treat, we jokingly said no cupcakes, we wanted him to have something healthy, here's the picture she sent us. 

Friday Night

Some plans changed so Kristy and I went out for a drink and dinner. We checked out the new restaurant Short and Tall which we thought was good but the set up is "unique" because there is NO SPACE AT ALL. 


I ended up taking Isaac to soccer and then hauled ass across town from Ramsey to Mall of America for the United Dance Marathon with Special Olympics MN which was AWESOME!!!! Breakdancers were freaking INCREDIBLE!!! If you didn't see my insta-story you missed out. 

Murray the Golden Doodle

We have to get better about getting the dogs haircuts, Murray had to go in and here's what he looked like after.  Note to self, either brush him a lot more or take him in for more haircuts because of the matting his hair gets all screwed up which stinks for him.

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