Planning a Wedding in 2019, These Are Expected to be the 8 Biggest Trends

  • Pistachio gowns - More brides will be ditching their white and ivory gowns for a bit of soft color next year. Get ready to see pale, “whisper-soft green” dresses coming down the aisle.
  • Gesture cakes - The wedding cake tradition isn’t going anywhere, but couples today like incorporating their real favorite desserts - like pies - into their nuptials instead of shelling out for pricey cake towers. A “gesture cake” is a mini, affordable cake that lets the couple experience the cake cutting, but doesn’t feed a reception full of guests.
  • Single stem bouquets - When it comes to bridal flowers, minimalism is still in, but next year single stem stunners will be big. Not only are they lovely to look at, they’re budget-friendly, too.
  • Cluster engagement rings - This vintage style was big during the Victorian era when high-society brides wanted all things floral and they’re back big-time thanks to royal bling like Kate Middleton’s and Princess Eugenie’s.
  • Grazing tables - We’ll be seeing fewer of the same old passed apps and more of these, which are massive amounts of meats, cheeses, breads, antipasti, fresh fruits, and such all artfully displayed on tables.
  • Wandering cocktail hours - Alternatives to large, lavish ceremonies like city hall fetes and microweddings are more getting more popular but couples still want to celebrate with lots of loved ones, and the “wandering cocktail hour” does that. It’s a big, chic, boozy cocktail party for friends and family, usually hosted a few weeks after an intimate ceremony.
  • Mismatched bridesmaid dresses - Matchy-matchy frocks are fine for some brides, but others are opting to let their bridesmaids choose a dress they might actually wear again.
  • Engagement moons - Instead of waiting until after the wedding day to take a trip, more couples are getting away after becoming engaged so they can enjoy that special time together.

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