Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: A Pit of Legos, Pups in Snow and More...

Going to see "A Star is Born" is the most adult thing I did all weekend.  Kristy and I went to see the movie on Saturday night, she'd already seen it and cried during the last ten minutes. I really did think it was a great movie, Gaga was incredible and Bradly Cooper was really good but I personally was not a fan of the accent he had, for me, it was a bit of a distraction. 

Jingle Ball is around the corner and unlike the girls, the outfit isn't as big a deal for me as it's for Jenny and Falen but I'm wondering would it be cool to wear this?  I'm not saying I'd wear it the entire show but would this be good or not?  Email me your opinion.  

Saturday was spent playing taxi cab driver and rehearsing for my daughters yearly performance of the Nutcracker ballet. The only ones that enjoyed Saturday were the dogs, Charlie and Murray spent most of Saturday playing outside in the snow. 

I have nothing to show for it but Sunday Isaac and I went to the Lego show at the Riverside convention center and he had a blast. If you have a little girl or boy that loves legos this is a must do because they have both displays as well as tons of opportunities for kids to create. I would also recommend bringing hand sanitizer because you know the pit of legos doesn't get cleaned very often. 

Local lego enthusiasts made this giant 30+ foot long navy ship with a bunch of sailors doing funny things including recreating everyone's fav scene from Titanic.

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