Six Strongest Signs of Mutual Attraction Between Two People

You meet someone and you feel something, you both like similar things and have the same sense of humor but is this just a friendship or are you both attracted to each other? Here are some ways to figure that out. 

#1 They pay close attention to the other. Two people who share mutual attraction are highly attentive to what the other does or say. Nothing misses their close observation, not a new dress or haircut. When you like a person, you make effort in noting every little detail about them.

#2 They remember even the most minor details. Aside from paying close attention, people also tend to easily remember the small details about the person they’re attracted to. Two people attracted to each other easily recall what the other wore, the place where they met, and even details about the conversations they had.

#3 Prolonged periods of eye contact. People are very particular about eye contact. Long periods of eye contact are considered creepy when coming from a stranger. But if it happens between people with mutual attraction, it can be considered pleasant and addictive. Sharing long periods of eye contact is in fact a sign of familiarity and a mutual liking of the other.

#4 Close physical proximity. Similar to eye contact, people tend to maintain a certain amount of personal space breeched only by the people closest to them. Aside from close friends or family, people also allow themselves to be in close proximity to the person they are attracted to. As a result, we tend to be quite comfortable walking close by or sitting next to the person we like.

#5 They are comfortable on the other’s touch. The frequency and type of touches shared by two people is also a way to determine if they are mutually attracted to each other. When someone touches a person or allow themselves to receive physical contact, it is a sure sign that they are comfortable and derive pleasure on the physical contact they receive from that person. Whether accidental or intentional, attraction is apparent if both welcome giving and receiving touches from the other person.

#6 They dress up and keep a careful appearance. People would agree that they make an effort in looking good when about to meet a person they like. By fixing our appearance and dressing up, we impress them. We make ourselves look more desirable in their eyes. This is especially true if the person is not really particular with their overall appearance or interested in dressing up.

Here are six other ways to know if the spark between you and a prospective lover is real!!

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