Millennial Challenge Days 1 and 2: Avocado Toast and Fancy Latte

You probably know I don't follow the cliche' of making fun of millennials.  I have 3 kids that are millennials and work with a bunch more. They work hard and they don't bitch and moan any more than the Gen X'ers or Baby Boomers I know.

BUT they do love certain things! So this week, I've been challenged to do something a millennial would do every day.

Monday: Make and post pictures of avocado toast. Okay, I admit it looks like crap, but I honestly tried to do it right. Even I can admit that when I was finished, it was awful-looking.  Falen told me to smash up the avocado but I swear she said to not mash it up so I didn't and ended up with this shit show.

Grade:  D-

Tuesday: Get a fancy latte with a design in the foam and post pictures. I knew Starbucks, Caribou and Dunn Brothers probably don't do this, so a listener, Elaine, called and suggested a place right next door to her office that did. But when we got there, the only person behind the counter admitted he wasn't very good at it.  He tried, but after five attempts, this was the best he could do.

BUT Elaine is a photographer and she gave me some great tips on taking pictures of coffee.  Move in close, use natural lighting from the window, put it on fun surface if possible and get all the distracting stuff, legs, heads, napkins, other people out of the background. 

So the design isn't good but the picture is okay!

Grade:  C

Listen the rest of this week for more Millennial Challenges!

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