Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Proof J.K. Rowling Likes Me More Than Tina

At the end of the show on Friday, my 80-year-old Aunt Denise arrived from Rochester, NY. It was great to have her in town but it was also exhausting because she's a former teacher that's known for being enthusiastic. Sometimes you just want to chill on the weekends and it was hard doing it this weekend. 

Charlie got a haircut and we HATE IT.  The groomer went too short, he looks like a puffball and she left his tail long so everytime he eats he gets surprised by his tail.

The highlight of my weekend has to be trolling Web Girl Tina.  Tina LOVES everything Harry Potter, she and Falen went to LA for the Fantastic Beasts press junket and tweeted at J.K. about the movie so I used it as an opportunity to troll her....and the highlight is that J.K like my tweet and not Tina's.  SUCCESS!  

Aunt Denise prides herself for being apart of the greatest generation so she had me get her the newspaper because that's what she enjoys doing. I don't think our kids have EVER seen a newspaper so we, of course, had them hold it up and made a joke about it being like an antique ipad. 

We also were able to pick up and put away all the Halloween decorations and started to get out Thanksgiving stuff. Here's Isaac is his signature hat. 

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