Model Shows Just How Much Editing is Needed Before a Pic is "Insta Worthy"

Plus-size model Kate Wasley uploaded an Instagram video showing how just a few fast tweaks on the computer can make someone appear completely different.

The 24-year-old shows a photo of herself in a bikini that’s been Photoshopped to change her shape and skin. In just a few seconds, stretch marks and cellulite are edited out and her figure is slimmed down. The altered photo shows Wasley’s hips and legs thinned out, her bust accentuated and smooth skin, all thanks to Photoshop.

The model is trying to expose what we perceive as perfection compared to the reality and to encourage others not to compare themselves to the models they see on social media. Wasley is an advocate for body positivity and uses her Instagram to battle body shaming.“It might be Photoshop, it might be a pose, it might be that the person you’re comparing yourself to is a completely different build and body type to you,” Wasley explains. “When you compare yourself to someone online you’re probably thinking of yourself at your worst and you’re comparing that to someone’s best fragments of their life that they choose to share with the world.”

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