The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes From Last Weekend

Proof that Halloween really is a trash holiday.

Last weekend was the worst.

Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, everyone celebrated last weekend. I tried to avoid social media all weekend, but there was only so much a girl can do.

Dressing up is the worst (unless its a blowup dinosaur costume, which is appropriate all year round) but dressing up in something punny or wordplay like is the worst of the worst.

Nina Dobrev

Nina went as the movie A Star is Born. I had to think to figure this one out. I had. To think. 


Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams

Taco Belle*

Excuse me while I vomit.

Kendall Jenner

She went as a fembot from Austin Powers. 

Strictly speaking, this costume isn't that annoying, but knowing that I'll never look this good ever IS annoying, so she's still on the list.

Rita Ora

as Post Malone.

Dave Ryan did it better.

Halsey -

Ugh... I mean, COME ON. 

Paris Hilton

She went as a "spirit animal".

Weird, I didn't know a Furby could be a spirit animl.

Special Mention* - Harry Styles

Harry has done nothing wrong, other than be adorable. Look how cute he is!

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