See How Roseanne Died on 'The Conners' and Roseanne Even Tweeted About it

If you missed it, The Connors revealed how Roseanne died on last nights premiere of "The Conners" and if you somehow missed it, she died from an overdose. Roseanne even tweeted during the premiere of the show.

Vice News aired a new interview with Roseanne Barr last night the same night "The Conners" debuted and she seemed genuinely devastated about losing her show. Roseanne said that ABC taking away her show, and allowing it to continue with "other people writing her life story" was, quote, "the worst thing they could've possibly done to me."

She said she's no longer in touch with anyone on the show . . . and that she's basically just doing NOTHING now.  She talked about how she's spending a lot of time "getting her pictures and files in order," "waiting in lines," going out for ice cream with her mom, and sleeping 17 hours a day.



She also started smoking.  And she reiterated that she won't watch "The Conners" . . . she just wants to move on. 


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