Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Justin Timberlake Shook Both My Kids Hands

My weekend started incredibly normal, on Friday I went to the Justin Timberlake pre-party at Seventh Street Truck Park and met a ton of great people. The place was packed, we were blaring Justin Timberlake music, it was a great time. I stayed until about 7:45 then headed home because I knew my Saturday was going to be a busy one.  

Saturday was a busy one, Isaac had his first real soccer tournament out in the freezing cold while Olivia had a birthday party and dance class, it was classic suburban juggling. After the tournament, a highlight was meeting and getting an autograph from a Minnesota United Player. It was cool but little did we know it became even cooler.

We got home around 2 pm and had the kids take naps because we were taking Isaac to his very first concert. We got general admission tickets for Saturday's Justin Timberlake concert and by chance, we decided to park ourselves near a rail by the VIP section well after standing there for 45 minutes one of Justin's security guards invited us into the VIP section and parked us right next to the stage. What happened next we told Isaac will NEVER happen again.  

Over the next two hours of the show, some really cool stuff happened including Justin and Isaac locking eyes after Isaac started waving at him so JT pointed at him as he walked away (link to a video of that moment). Later in the show, Justin even shook both Isaac and Olivia's hand and then Justin's guitar tech gave Isaac his guitar pick.  It was a pretty incredible experience. As we headed out to the car at 11pm we made it incredibly clear to our kids that what just happened was once in a lifetime.  

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