London Bar Only Serves Avocado Foods

I Scream - You Scream - We All Scream For - Avocado?

London's avobar is a restaurant that's all about avocado! Everything on the menu contains the fruit in some form, from avocado roses to a burger where the bun is an avocado! Fans of the fruit can't get enough — which dish would you try?

Admittedly, I'm not a big avo girl. I get that it's a healthy fat and all, but when I'm eating it, all I taste is fat. It's not that appetizing to me, but I'd still get down with some avo toast with poached eggs.

Would You?

- Avo Toast



Would You?

- Avo Bun



Would You?

- Avo Tuna Poke

ABSOLUTELY. Love me some tuna poke.


Would You?

- Avo bowl with queso & corn fresco

Are there chips?? CUZ YES


Would You?

- Avo Matcha Latte

WAIT. Is there avo in this latte? CUZ NO.


Is anyone is going to London soon & wants to try this place, it's in Covent Garden. Let me know how much avo is too much avo.


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