The Final Trailer For The Crimes of Grindelwald Is Here!


Hello my fellow Potterheads. We are just 2 short month away from the release of The Crimes of Grindelwald & I am LOSING MY SHIT.

Please watch the below trailer to start.


Wait, one, Credence is still alive?? Did I miss that somewhere??

Two, ummmmm you heard Credence say "Nagini" right?? The character's name is Maledictus (no one knows). and apparently she's Nagini... you know, THAT Nagini. 

According to a Harry Potter Wiki -

"A Maledictus was a term used to denote a female individual whose blood had been cursed from birth, and eventually would lead her to turn into a beast."

So not an animagus apparently. Got it. 


We see Grindelwald using the Elder Wand (never a good thing).

We see someone apparate onto the Hogwarts bridge. So that whole no appartition within the ground thing must not be in effect yet. 

Our first real look at Zoe Kravitz as Leta Lestrange and Newt's brother.

It's out in theaters November 16th.

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