Ten Things That Drive Twin Cities Women Crazy About Their In-Laws

Apparently, more and more couples who don't have any problems with each other are going to therapy . . . to get help dealing with their IN-LAWS. So we asked, what would be your biggest complaint about your in-laws?

My mother in law loves to tell me how busy she is. Has done it for years. She doesn''t work. Collects 6 figures in alimony. I am a teacher and I have 2 kids...... don''t EVEN tell me how busy you are..

My in law shows up at our home unannounced after work before we get home. Because they don't want to drive home in traffic. A call or text warning would be nice

When she comes over she steals things from our home. I find my things at her house. This has been going on for years! She was here this weekend. Everyone is our home has weekly chores to keep our home looking nice. She asked my daughter if she cleaned before she came. My daughter said yes. She then leaned over and whispered, "Do you feel like a slave?" I am still brewing from that one. My husband doesn''t want to deal with his mom.

My mother in law is a hoarder and she makes a mess in our house when she is over and plays the victim if i say anything to her or my wife

My husband's mom baby's him and then gets mad at me that I don't go with him to doctors appointments or if he gets sick or doesn't eat dinner! My husband is an adult and can go to the doc by himself and if he''s hungry he can cook as well!

Mother in law would fix dinner plates for her son. He would bring home her plate rather than eating the dinner that I made for our family.

My MIL does the backhanded cleaning statements. I have two kids under 2. That''s not the worst though... anytime we are with her, she doesn''t ask to do stuff with our children. She will say, "Oh I''ll take her/him." And she''ll take our kids right out of our hands.... constantly. They also show up unannounced about every 2 weeks. So over it.

She always asks the husbands/wives of her kids to step out of the pictures so she can get a picture of "just her family" but wants all of the grandchildren that we have helped produce to stay in the picture too. The icing on top of the cake. She will then make that picture her FB profile picture.

My MIL babies him so much. The biggest thing is she monitors his bank account and looks at every single thing he is spending his money on, even though we are 25, employed full-time, and live on our own. Drives me nuts!!

I''m getting married in a month and my future mother in law wanted to combine my bridal shower with a baby shower for my fiance''s sister in law. She gets mad at me when I said no and called me selfish.

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