You and Weather Girl Jenny Need to Try 'Slow Dating'

We’re so busy swiping left and right, we’re not even taking the time to get to know the people we’re ditching all day. That’s why more and more people are testing the waters with “slow dating.” What’s that? It basically means gearing up your dating game, but doing it thoughtfully instead of impulsively. You know, so you can actually judge your matches based on how much you have in common?


With slow dating, you’re more likely to go to apps like Hinge. It allows you to outline specifics about yourself, and allows other users to like certain things. It’s an instant conversation starter, and it’s all thanks to slow dating.


Not only that, but when you’re dating slowly, the sexual intimacy comes later – not right away like in your normal Tinder hookups. Look – we’ve got our eyes set on quality over quantity. We have to do what we can to get the good ones in front of us. That means not swiping quite so much!



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