Experts Say "Lawnmower Parents" Are the Worst Kind of Parents

We’re all at the point where our friends from high school are all getting engaged, married, and babied up. There are a ton of risks that come with being a helicopter parent. If you hover too much over your kid, you’re not really allowing them to grow and learn on their own without your constant guidance. The new group of parents out there? Lawnmower parents.

 Lawnmower parents are the ones that remover pretty much every obstacle from their child’s path so they never have to deal with things on their own. And if that didn’t already sound horrible, think about how entitled that kid will become if they’re not used to having to problem solve on their own. Shielding your child from the bad things in the world isn’t going to help them face them.


The last thing we need is more people walking around without problem-solving skills. Get out of your kid’s way! They’ve got stuff to learn on their own!


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