Mascara Alert: Son Sings With His Dad, Who Lives With Dementia

Simon's dad Ted was a big-time singer back in the day, now as Alzheimer's has stolen his memory... music has become a vehicle for Simon and his dad to connect. People magazine did a beautiful piece about their relationship and how music has allowed his family to hold on to a little piece of dad.

Simon used music to find his dad whose personality started to change because of the disease, Ted became temperamental and Simon wanted to limit his mother’s exposure to his aggression. The result was Simon taking his dad for rides in the car then one day he started playing one of his dad's old backing tracks that his father hadn't heard in years....and what happened next was pretty incredible.

“I played them and his character changed — he finally started smiling again and was less aggressive,” Simon recalls. “It became a thing that we did. Each time Dad was showing signs of aggression I’d take him out on a long drive. As well as making him happier we became very close and we would talk about everything and nothing with each other.”

Though Ted couldn’t remember the names of his family members, he was able to summon the lyrics he used to sing so long ago.

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