Long Distance Sucks But I Got a Break From It This Weekend

Long Distance Relationships Suck


How I Make The Best Of Our Weekends Together During Long Distance

This weekend was so much fun. I moved to MSP from Jacksonville, FL in April. I went back to visit my wife (she's there until Dec) and it was a balsty blast blasterson. 

Basically, I got into Jacksonville on Friday morning. We went to breakfast and had mimosas + omelettes. I was on vacation mode soooo calories weren't top of mind for me. Jenn with said mimosa:

Then we went back to our apartment in Jax (jacksonville) and came up with a game plan for the weekend. 

Next thing on the list; Tattoo

Here's the post involving why I got my tattoo or whatever:

Afterwards, we got dinner at this BADDDARRRRSEEEE dinner spot called Mellow Mushroom. The pizza taste better than any drunk slice you have ever had. It's like jesus having a party in your mouth... or something like that...


We went out for a few drinks later that night and I had maybe the best shot of tequila ever. I'm not like huge tequila drinker but it was honestly pretty good. 

Anyways, fast forward to the next morning... We drove down to Jenn's parents house in Ormond Beach, kinda close to Daytona Beach. Her brother met up with us there as well as his girlfriend. We had the best day on the beach soaking up some sun and riding skimboards. 

Jenn's mom almost took herself out:

We ended the night watching their home videos. It's really interesting to see everyone at a younger age doing cool things and growing up on the VHS lol.

Sunday was Jenn's birthday! We had breakfast and open presents. I shouted her out on instagram cause i'm cool and stuff:

We went back to our apartment and just hungout all day long. It was sort of sad because I knew I had to come back the next day. Not that i hate MSP, actually, I LOVE IT! My favorite place i've ever lived and i'm not just saying that. I don't pander to the audience, you know this. I tell the truth. So, yes, best city ever. 

I was sad because I miss Jenn. Long distance is a b and I miss her on the daily. Only a few more months until she lives here for good though :)

We planned out our next trip this weekend as well going down in November! We'll be heading just North of Milwaukee to see my Uncle + Aunt and their kids. They are a big deal in our lives (photo of us at their wedding):

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

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