Gary Spivey - A Ghost Photo You Have to See to Believe

Kym shared a picture with us that her girlfriend took of her kids watching tv one morning and what you see in the background may send shivers down your spine. 

Dave, Steve, and Falen,

                I’m hoping that Gary will be on soon, or that he can make a special call after he sees this picture!  A girlfriend of mine posted the attached photo on Facebook after both of her littles had woken up at 2 in the morning.  She turned on Mickey Mouse and the girls were watching quietly on the floor so she took a picture.  The very first thing I noticed (along with many others) was that there looks to be a man in a suit sitting on the couch behind them!!!!!!!!!!!  What the actual hell is that?  Haha, my friend has an idea but I don’t want to steer Gary in any specific direction, I’m extremely curious as to what he thinks about this!


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