Jess Wants to Learn to Fly, So I Took Her Up!

Jessica listen to our show and she sent me this email:

Hi Dave,

I have been thinking about getting into flying for years now. The idea of being a pilot (as a hobby, not as a career) comes across my mind often, but once I start doing the research, I become pretty overwhelmed by everything that is involved. I don't know anyone who holds a pilot's license, so I have no one to talk to about it...about their experience, their pros and cons, etc. I could speak to a pilot instructor, but I know I'd keep thinking that they were just trying to sell me on something. Maybe I'm being too pessimistic there.

So, I guess I'm writing to see if you might be able to spare 30 minutes or so to speak with me about your experience with flying, including what was involved in attaining your license. I actually work on the 7th floor in your building, in case the close location helps.

I think I may sign up for the intro flight lesson at Thunderbird Aviation, just to get my feet wet. But I think a conversation with you, if you have time, would be of great value to me.

Thank you,


LOVE this! I'm all for helping women realize their dreams (and men too for that matter!) so we doubled down and actually went flying.

It was a super-windy day and not ideal for taking a newbie up, but she was all for it and we had a great time despite some epic turbulance!

Oh, and I also put her to work checking out the plane before we took off!

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