No Surprise - Teens Now Prefer Texting to Face-to-Face Contact

A new survey found that 35% of teenagers say their favorite way to communicate is with texting.  Only 32% said their favorite way is face-to-face.



That's a change from six years ago, when face-to-face beat out texting in the same survey.

So why have things changed?  One of the main reasons might be . . . it's hard to hang out face-to-face since at least one or two people are always buried in their phones.

55% of teenagers say everyone's phones are always out and available when they're hanging out face-to-face, and 44% say they get frustrated sometimes when their friends are constantly staring at their phones. One more change from six years ago, 70% of teenagers said Facebook was their main social media site.  Today, it's down to 15% and Snapchat is number one. 

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