The State Fair Was Insanely Awesome & Crazy

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Honestly... best station in the game 📻 🎤 shoutout to Minnesota for having us... and shoutout to Duuuuuvaaaal for getting me here 🍾🚨

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The State fair was like an emotional roller coaster for me. Going into it, I had no idea what to expect.

I'm from Michigan, I just moved to Minnesota from Florida & I'm all sorts of new to Minnesota and it's ways. However, I am in love with this state. With that, I also fell in love with the state fair.

The great smelling foods, things on sticks, people laughing, the rides, the instagram worthy locations & the people watching. Those are the things I enjoyed the most.... well.. except for you...

Everyone who came through and said hello to me was so nice. It was awesome hearing from them and getting showered in compliments (and some hateful comments but those are just as enjoyable for me).

By day four of broadcasting live I was completely defeated lol. As day 9 came by I started getting sad about the Fair coming to an end... and yesterday, day 12, I was super bummed about leaving until next year. 

The fair sort of marks the end of summer. Fall has arrived and i'm ready for the next beautiful season Minnesota has to offer.

Like oh my god this is so fetch Yas

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Omg it feels like fall tonight. SO STOKED FOR FALL 🍁 🎃 ☕️

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Rest In Peace, friend. 🙏😢🍪#KDWBAtTheFair

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First MN State Fair... AND MY OUTFIT ON POINT WITH THE SELFIE WALL 🤳🏻 Issssa Minnesota get together doncha know

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Here’s me not spending $14 on a hot dog 🌭 😭😂😂 #mnstatefair #KDWBAtTheFair

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