Tina's Labor Day Weekend in Five-ish Photos 8/31 - 9/3

Yay for three day weekends!

I was really bad at taking photos this weekend, so I'm including pictures from last Thursday, because it was more exciting than the rest of my weekend.

Thursday 8/30 -

I saw Hamilton!!! (finally) I've been obsessed with the musical for over 2 years now & it was about damn time I saw it live.

This is my friend Tom. He's the real MVP because he waited in line for these tickets. He also danced with me while we mouthed the words to all the songs in our seats during the show.

We're super cool.

Friday 8/31 -

T Swizzle night 1!

I had floor seats, but decided to do that thing where I just hang out by the C stage like I did in Chicago. It's worth it because you get to see Taylor super close up for 3 songs and then the rest of the time you have lots of room for activities. 

Saturday 9/1 -

T Swizzle Night 2!

This time I hung out by the B stage. Good times.

Saturday 9/2 -

This is where my weekend get's boring. I'm watching my neighbors dogs. That is all I've done the last 2 days.

Sunday 9/3 -

Seriously, We've barely moved.

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