The One Car Seat Mistake That a Majority of Parents Are Making

Car seats are an essential part of having children and they look easy to put in safely but they CAN be tricky. I also know that these things really do save lives, back a few months ago I witnessed it first hand when we were t-boned on a family vacation. When this happened the curtain side airbag came down and softened the blow for Olivia because she was in a car seat, if she wasn't and she was just in maybe a booster I believe she would have most likely been injured. 

If you're a parent especially of a little one what you're doing wrong is super easy to fix. 

Researchers found that nearly 95 percent of participants misused their car seats and 86 percent of parents placed their infant improperly into the seat, which could be dangerous for baby even if the car doesn't get in a crash. 

The study's author, Dr. Benjamin Hoffman from the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, and Doernbecher Children's Hospital at the Oregon Health and Science University, in Portland, Oregon, explained:

"A number of studies have shown that an incorrect angle of recline can lead to injury to babies, especially if too upright, as the baby's head can flop forward and obstruct the airway." Additionally, he added that "having a chest clip too low can allow the baby to slump, and there have been cases of strangulation as a result."

The most common errors are  "harness and chest clip errors, incorrect recline angle, and seat belt/lower anchor use errors." 

Learn more about issues and how to keep your child safe here. 

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