Teenager Tells Teacher How To Teach... Was He Wrong??

I'm a little torn on this. I mean I think he's passionate about learning and he's sick of teachers half a**ing it. But, was he in the wrong?? Some of the comments go as followed:

"This student is way out of line. I cannot believe everyone is saying “bravo” for behaving this way and storming off. Let’s see what happens when he does that in the real world. Also people are saying give him a job teaching - yes, why don’t we and see how long it takes him to get buried by the job."

"Some body give him a job in the school system...he truly has a passion for our children!!!!"

"Students shouldn't have to ask to be taught! This kid wasn't disrespectful...he was passionate. He said what needed to be said. This happens everyday in America. I dont know how many times students have been cheated out of their education. If you don't like your job get a new one."

"I've been reading most of the comments, and very pleased that most of you get what's being said. I'm not sure how many of you are educators, but you are speaking my language. I am a former principal, and encountered many teachers like this, who had "serious" tenure because some lazy administrator did not do the right thing and got rid of them before they made tenure. She made several mistakes and I would have been on her like white on rice. BTW, if he had been sent to my office, and explained his complaint, (something of which I'm already aware), he would get NO punishment. Adults are not always right."

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