Bridezilla asked guests to pay $1,500 to attend her wedding calls it off

Susan's dream wedding turned into a nightmare with a little help from her friends. In fact, the bride-to-be was “forced” to cancel her lavish wedding in Aruba after guests wouldn’t shell out some major cash gifts. As in, she expected guests to shell out $1500 PER PERSON and they didn't. How do we know? She offered a tirade about the debacle on Facebook.

Here's just the first page of her freakout that is full of swears so beware.

Susan spared no expense dragging her family and friends on Facebook for ruining her $60,000 dollar wedding plans. According to her rant, she had already saved up $15,000 of the total, asking her friends for a “little help” with the remaining amount. After guests wouldn’t cough up enough cash gifts, she ended up dramatically calling off the whole thing. That's cool - we're betting the EIGHT people who RSVPd as a "yes" weren't going to miss much.

Click the link below to see her entire epic outburst.

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