Steve-O Wknd in Five Pics: Yogi Bear, a Rock Ghost and the Fair

It was a long weekend for me because it's been our bucket list all summer to go camping so we went as a family to Jellystone in Wisconsin and seriously, had a blast. It really is a fun campground with activities and things to do all day and Kristy LOVED that they had golf carts and she now wants one to take around the neighborhood.

My favorite find from the trip, we stopped on the way to Jellystone at an Antique store that used to be a school and found this clown that I'm pretty sure comes to life at night and murders families.  

On the way home on Friday we finally stopped at Crystal Cave, if you've ever been on 94 you've seen the signs and this is the "Ghost of Crystal Cave" which is legit creepy. 

I also did something for the first time on Friday, served as the PA announcer for the Rogers Girls Volleyball game and only messed up half of the names. 

Then finally on Saturday, we went to the Minnesota State Fair and saw one of the princesses busts carved out of butter. 

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