Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Isaac Turns Seven & What I Saw at a Bar

Our weekend was full of activities because while it was hazy because of smoke from the forest fires it didn't stop us from doing stuff. The big thing over the weekend was Isaac turning seven years-old, we spent a few hours at Bunker Beach but he spent a good 3-4 hours building all of the Legos.  The boy is CRAZY for legos.  He got five lego sets, one of them a Coast Guard set with 792 pieces he built in about 2 hours. 

Befor Isaac's birthday on Friday we went out for our friend Andee's birthday, had fun with a group of friends and checked out Brick and Bourbon in Maple Grove which we liked., played a competitive round of this which I'm pretty sure is just called shuffleboard.

The highlight occurred a bit later that night when we went to the Lookout and crashed the Osseo class of 98' reunion and while hanging out I saw THIS on a table!  Yes, a PREGNANCY test and while I'm pretty sure it was a joke what if it wasn't.....I mean....c'mon.  

Finally, Olivia and Isaac went rock climbing at REI and both of them crushed it, easily reaching the top so they could ring the bell. Here's Olivia finishing.  

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