Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: My Small Engine Repair Shop and a Belly Flop

It's been documented for quite a while that I come from a long line of men that don't know how to do ANYTHING when it comes to guy stuff. My dad can't even nail in a nail, when I was in fifth grade he fell off a ladder while painting the house and my parents are still finding glass after a door in the house was slammed forcing all the pictures on a wall to fall and break. I swore since moving to Minnesota that I wouldn't continue this tradition, in this part of the country guys can do stuff and thanks to YOUTUBE I figure I can do it too.  

I'll be the first to admit that it hasn't always been smoothing sailing but I did do something I didn't think possible, I took apart our lawn mower after hitting a rock and replaced the flywheel key. This may seem like a simple task, allow me to say that for wrench turner it is but after carefully taking the engine apart, injuring myself so badly that I think I went into shock I was able to put the mower back together and actually get it to work.  

A few other highlights from the weekend include taking Charlie and Murray to the dog park which I would argue there's nothing better than letting them get out and run. 

Saturday afternoon we went to our friend Brian and Lainey's diaper party.  The party was great, whatever, you know Brian and Lainey will be solid parents because they had a build your own nacho bar and a croc pot of mac and cheese. There's nothing better. 

We round up the weekend with projects at the house and a trip to the Edina Aquatic center where Olivia did a savage belly flop.

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