Dave's Radio Convention Weekend in Five Photos: August 9-12

My weekend actually started Wednesday night at a radio convention in Chicago.  Hundreds of radio people from around the country get together and talk about how to make our shows better. I've been doing mornings longer than nearly everyone else there, but I always always learn something someone who's fairly new in the business.  Just when I think I know everything about morning radio, someone who's 24 will teach me something I've never thought of!

These four women were on a panel that to me, was the best panel of the convention. That's Angi Taylor who got her start in mornings on my show years ago, Ellen K who does a big show in LA, Roula who hosts a show in Houston and Jayde Donovan who does a show in New York.

Since I was Chicago, I wanted to do something touristy. I'd never been to Navy Pier so I walked down there and went on the giant Ferris Wheel. It was pretty cool!

I'm way into exercising lately and I saw an ad for this in of all places, at the Denver Airport on the trays you put your stuff in when it goes through the X-Ray machine. It's called a Flexipot and I rode it for 40 minutes while doing some work on Sunday.  It's awesome except that it's pretty hard to type accurately while peddling.

Carson got back from being gone for FIVE WEEKS at a music school in Boston. We played golf then went by Allison's apartment to feed her cat, Thor, who loves Carson.

And this is my buddy, Josie.  She's just the greatest. Always so happy and friendly.  I was having coffee outside Sunday morning and looked over and there's my girl, lying in the shade.  Awwwww...

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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