Good News if You Think You're the Only One Not Having Sex

A new survey could make you feel that things are going really well in your sex life of you could find it incredibly depressing.  

The new survey asked how much sex you THINK the average person has in a month.  And the average answer is between 14 and 17 times, or once every two to three days.

 But that's not anywhere CLOSE to reality.  We're actually only getting-it-on an average of about four to six times a month . . . or roughly once a week. 


This should be no surprise. 

Men also greatly overestimated how many sexual partners women had had by the time they reached middle age. The researchers polled people in three countries for this one, including the US, the UK, and Australia.

Men guessed that women had slept with 27 people by the time they were aged 45 to 54, but the actual average number is 12. (Women were better at guessing, estimating 13 partners by middle age.)

More at Buzzfeed.

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