Small Town Beauty Queen Disappears Under Mysterious Circumstances

One of the good things about growing up in a small town is everybody knows everybody.  It's nearly impossible to get any keep a secret.   30-year-old Tara Grinstead was a Georgia Peach, brunette with big brown eyes and a million dollar smile.  

Living in a small town of just 3600 South of Atlanta called Ocilla, it has only two stoplights. Tara is an 11th-grade history teacher and coaches beauty pageant contestants.  Beauty pageant scholarship programs were one of the ways she was able to get through college. 

Tara's a stunner who used both her beauty and brains to win numerous local pageants in her teens and  20s. Tara is a social butterfly, kind and outgoing.  In October of 2005 after a week of teaching, she meets some contestants who planted to enter next years Sweet Potato Festival pageant and then went over to a friends house for a BBQ. 

After leaving the party Tara was never seen ever again. She didn't show up for work on Monday and right away friends and family knew something was wrong.  

Want to learn more details about her murder watch the video below that breaks down more details or the incredible podcast that helped bring this story more awareness and lead to the killers arrest.

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