Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Bachelor Party, an E.R. Visit & Secret Service

Seth is one of my best friends, he lives in Rochester, NY and this December he's getting married. We decided to have the party at his old roommate's house in Columbia, South Carolina. I flew out Thursday and from the beginning, we had two rules, no arrests and no trips to the hospital. (For the record, we had no reason to actually expect any of that to happen because we're grown adults, well we were very wrong.  

I arrived in South Carolina on Thursday and Steve, who was hosting us realized we didn't have enough space and instead of renting a place 10-15 minutes away he killed two birds with one stone and rented an RV for both transportation and lodging.  

No surprise, South Carolina is extremely humid and muggy and even though it's in the middle of the state that doesn't matter because it's extremely hot.  There was rain half the time but we still spent a ton of time on the boat.  

We were just outside, enjoying the summer heat and then Saturday night Seth, the bachelor walked out of a restaurant and he had a few drinks, as he walked down the hill he tripped crossing the street and hit his face on the curb. Luckily a police officer was there in seconds and an ambulance within three minutes. Instead of getting stuck with a $1,000 ambulance ride bill we pulled up to the accident scene with the RV and took Seth to the hospital where he ended up getting seven stitches. 

This is luckily the only incident of the weekend.

Now the cool part. I left really early on Sunday morning, I was getting dropped off at the Columbia airport, I arrived at the passenger drop off and a police officer asked us to keep moving.  I thought it was strange because a man wearing khakis and a short-sleeved flannel shirt was instructing the officer. Columbia airport is REALLY small so when I walked in I noticed that the man had an earpiece in and right away I had a feeling I knew what was happening. 

 Five minutes later, six men walk in wearing a similar outfit, all with earpieces surrounding a single, black-haired woman, the woman one of the most powerful women in the world. It was South Carolina's former Governor and the current United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. It was fascinating to watch the secret service walk right into the building and escort her past security on to a commercial plane which it looks like she was riding to Washington DC with an aide and two agents. 

It was a great trip and a great weekend and now I'm just tired and ready to take a nap.  

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