Justin Timberlake Created A Game Show With A $20 MILLION Winner

Fox has a new game show in the works called "Spin the Wheel", where there could conceivably be a $20 MILLION winner every night.  It's a LITTLE like "Wheel of Fortune", and it was co-created by Justin Timberlake. 

But the most interesting part is that on each episode, contestants will have the chance to win up to $20 MILLION.

The specifics haven't been announced, but the show involves contestants answering pop culture trivia questions, and spinning a giant, 40-foot wheel.

Unlike "Wheel of Fortune", players can ADD cash to the wheel's wedges by correctly answering trivia questions, but incorrect responses add wedges that could cause them to LOSE money.

At some point, contestants are able to decide whether to walk away, OR risk it all and spin the wheel one last time, kind of like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?".

Dax Shepard from "Parenthood" is the host and it doesn't sound like Timberlake will appear on the show, but he is one of the executive producers.  A premiere date hasn't been announced.

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