Are These The BEST $1 Menus Items Of All Time?

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It's kind of amazing that you can still walk into a fast food joint today and buy something for a dollar.  Like, isn't it almost scary that they can sell us something that cheap and still make a profit?  What's IN that food?

But since not all cheap fast food is created equal, the website Thrillist just put out a list of the BEST fast food items you can get for $1 or less.  

Here are their picks -

1.  Burger King's cheeseburger.

Celebrate 3/29 right — enjoy 2 cheeseburgers, small fries and a small drink for just $3.29.

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2.  Del Taco and Jack in the Box's tacos.

Double tap if you or someone you know has a #TacoObsession

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3.  McDonald's McChicken.

For your sister from another mister, get a FREE sandwich for them when you buy one on the app. Happy #FriendshipDay

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4.  Sonic's mini tots.

A beautiful vision of #TaterLove. How will you celebrate #NationalTaterDay? ❤️

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5.  Taco Bell's shredded chicken mini quesadilla.

With $1, you can choose from any of these 10 options. #MorningValueMenu

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 6.  Wendy's buffalo chicken ranch sandwich.

Grab your $1 Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken and sparks will fly.

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7.  White Castle's cheese slider.

You know what they say about big hands? More room for sliders. (📸: #BoldCraver, @itsjosheats)

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8.  Jimmy John's day-old bread.  O . . . kay?

Bread freaks want fresh bread. That’s why any bread that reaches 4 hours old is wrapped and sold as “day old” bread! #FreakYeah

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